Studio rental | photography and video

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Our studio is located in city of Sofia. The studio has 60 square meters shooting area and convenient entrance. Dimensions : Length - 10 m; width - 6 m; height - 3,3 m; Belightstudio is equipped with photographic lightening, backgrounds, riser and cyclorama 6 meters wide. It also has a make up room, WC, wireless, audio, air condition.


If you are searching for a place to shoot your products or models, to organize a casting and to invite your clients and guests during the work-flow - we can provide you the right conditions and atmosphere. You can hire our studio per hour, for half or whole day, for more than one day - as long as you need it! You can hire only the shooting area as well as the studio with all it’s equipment included.

The equipment includes:

STUDIO LIGHTS DYNAPHOS: One Starter SK-200, two CraftLine GS-300 and one Expert QS-300.

LIGHTING ACCESSORIES AND MODIFIERS: Octabox 180 cm, rectangular softbox 60x90 cm, rectangular softbox 40x180 cm, beauty dish 52 cm, reflectors, deflectors and two types of honeycomb grids.

BACKGROUNDS: The studio is equipped with a white, black, gray, red and green backgrounds.


Per hour (2 hours minimum): only the shooting area - 40 BGN. / The whole equipped studio - 50 BGN Per day (8 hours): only the shooting area - 280 BGN / The whole equipped studio - 360 BGN For two or more consecutive days: only the shooting area - 220 BGN per day / he whole equipped studio - 330 BGN per day.

- IMPORTANT The presence of an assistant from the studio is obligatоry when hiring. Students of photography or videography use 10% discount from the price if realising school projects. If your project includes building a set or thematic decoration, an individual offer will be provided to you. Studio address - Sofia, 3 Evliya Chelebi str. +359 898 519 005 or use the contact form.